Drea + Steve Engagement

“Beneath the iron mountains, silk clouds, and burning trees, I promise myself to you. Now, and forever”.



In Frame

Drea + Steve


Private Residence, Utopia, Texas


Michael Angelo


Michael Angelo

Photographer's Note

Hot off the heels of our big Germany engagement, I was afraid that our next few engagement shoots just wouldn’t be able to compare to the drama and grandeur of an ancient mountaintop castle shoot. But I was pleasant surprised to find that the beauty of the aptly named Utopia (central Texas) put up a very fair fight. There, surrounded by small mountains and cold streams, we watched as the sun slowly lowered into the horizon, setting the trees on fire as its dimming rays filtered through the autumn leaves. That evening, we shared a bonfire with the lovely couple, before resting up for the night and celebrating the next morning by popping open a champagne bottle while ankle deep in the cold waters of the Frío River.

Michael Angelo