Mishal + Rafi Wedding

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”



In Frame

Mishal + Rafi


(Mehndi) Sugar Land Ballroom, Stafford TX. (Shadi) Embassy Suites by Hilton Houston West, Katy TX. (Walima) Safari Texas Ranch, Richmond TX.


Michael Angelo


Michael Angelo

Photographer's Note

One of the biggest weddings I’ve ever shot, and my first official Desi wedding. How fitting that it also features one of my favorite couples, Mishal and Rafi. The couple dressed like royalty three days in a row, and I could write a whole separate blog post on how stunning the couple looked across their three-day wedding. Featuring large, accommodating venues, heartfelt dances and speeches, and some of the best food we’ve ever had at a wedding, Rafi and Mishal’s wedding was the start of a magical journey through Desi weddings.

Michael Angelo